Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monday, November 1, 2010 reroute

Hi all. Giving an important announcement. is still opened, but I have switched to my etsy shop name only. Please continue to visit me at .All custom orders and premade items can still be purchased there.
I am sorry for the inconvience of those who have been given my card or recieved my labels/tags on their items. A link to my shop can be found on the right ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
Just click one of the pictures. On another note, if anyone out there would like to trade for design website setup or even blog design setup, please contact me. I'm willng to trade any of my items to obtain something to my liking. TIA

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Caving

I've been pro Delayed/No Vac for nearly six (6) yrs. In a few weeks oldest will finally complete all his immunizations and my youngest will start his round. I've made the decision to switch or consider switching over to getting vaccines, only due to the amount of close contact he will begin having with other despite my home schooling and semi strict healthy eating. The school that I may send him to next yr insist that all children be up to date on their shots. I'm a bit nervous in explaining that I haven't kept him up to date on shots. I hate that the health community makes us as parents/people feel like trash for not going along with the flow. I just returned from my own doctors visit and was asked no less than 3x's by 3 diff people was I going to get a flu shot. I said 'no' and gave no explanation. I heardly think I will die from the flu and I am am not entirely sure that a flu shot will stop myself or my children from getting the flu. Delay/No Vacc is my choice and one I would most likely repeat, if I had another child. I don't see the point in offering an option if when we are given the option as parents, choose not to participate and then we are made to asthough we are less than caring because we choose to go against them. In truth I've felt good not pumping my son full of shots at every wellness visit it's tramatizing for children ( I have my oldesst son to prove that). And, only the MMR has had limited research in it's effect on children. He hasn't caught anything contagious besides a couple colds and pink eye (which cleared right up with some collidal silver) in the nearly 4 yrs he's been born. I'm hoping he is given a clean bill of health, since his brother has a clean bill of health as well as myself. If he gets sick, I know the blame will set in from myself and others around me (especially in the medical field), but for now we are living healthy, eating as much natural & organic foods as we can and carry on as a happy and healthy family. I wish I could here more Delay/No vacc parents speak out and know that my family and I aren't alone.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where in the world were you?

Today at approx 2 pm in the United States of America in upstate NY I came in from putting a load of clothing in my washer machine. I sat on my living room floor with legs crossed, looked out the window of my apartment and was meet with this gorgeous sky!
I had to wonder 'Where and what in the world is everyone doing at this moment in time?
Rather than daydreaming, I figured I would ask you all myself. Where and what were you doing at 2pm October 13 2010? I'd really like as many replies as possible, leave a comment with your country, state and city if you'd like then pass my link onto your friends & family! Receiving 100 comments would make my day. TIA!

Etsy Boot Camp -week 2

Okay, I'm keep the ball rolling here to get up to speed, here is my week 2 checked off.
[] Accessing my own shop. What items have the most hearts, expand on them and toss those that don't.
This proved to be much more difficult then I thought it would be. I have a ton of hearts for my shop, but I can't tell who's hearting and why they are hearting an item. Getting to the bottom of that, may prove to be very difficult. I remember which items were very popular, however
* 1 .) Once an item is purchased you can no longer see who hearted that item on etsy. So, you won't gain anything in the way of popularity.
*2.) Most of my hearted or highly requested items won't be hitting my shop again 2 different reasons. They were either very detailed in the process of making them and due to lower prices setting the bar for these items, I can't manage to create them, make a decent profit and continue to feel good about all the work that goes into them. The other reason is, I created the item people wanted them, but the buyers of those were more interested in trading instead of paying -therefore I traded. There is a whoooole different research needed to determine if they would acutally pay for the items, why or why not. So, I'm leaving those items off to themselves for a while.

[2] Brain storm new items, check! Which actually will bring about my changing my profile info and maybe reworking some of my policies to be easier to read.
[3] Found my buddy! Now to consistanly check in with him/her. We aren't making the same items, so they're are positives and negatives in supporting each other. I always feel a bit weird talking out the process of developing a new items with a fellow sewist/seller. There's always the moment of uncertainty when you don't know who they are or how they roll (for lack of a better term). Will they or won't they take my idea, will they feel that I took theirs? I do like to share where to get the best prices on certain items though and how to make an item. There is a fine balance between giving out too much of your sources and tips, but I try to keep a positive attitude, what is meant for me won't pass me by. So, if I tell and they make a profit off my sharing - it was meant for them, no matter the means to the end they used to receive it.

Okay enough rambaling for me. I'm off to get my kiddo ready for some homeschooling, breakfast and then crafting. See Yer, as salaamu alaykum

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 1 Etsy boot camp

Welp, I'm still playing catchup two days late and 2 weeks behind. Let's get a running start and re -cover week 1.

Where do I want my business to be in the future (or atleast what are my goals until the new year)? Until I read momgul, I had the typically hoo hum answer (not that it's a bad answer at all) 'I just want to make enough money to stay home with my kids and pay the bills'. I never honestly put much thought into all the work and money I needed to make or how famous and out there I would have to be to cover my bills or atleast supplement them. My goal had been $500, When my items are selling for $24 each the goal seems so near, however most of that is split up into materials, time, shipping, advertisements, packaging and gas for post office trips and lets not forget etsy and paypal fees as well. Since looking at the big picture made me break out in anixety hives, I've decided to break all those months and many bills into a Mission statement each month or two. It seems more reasonable and much less over whelming.
* Complete 1 project every other day.
*This month my mission is to give 5% to L.I.F.E a program based in WNY to help children in worn torn countries.
* Most important of all is to list 20 items this month, sale atleast $50 worth of items (about 2 sales - I'm not aiming too high am I?) And, promote more by visiting etsy forum.

I visited and craftcult. I'm a bit dissappointed with my shop views. If any wonderful fellow etsy sellers have suggestions on how I can get more view please do tell. I would appreciate it.
Check 1 for me for Boot camp week 1.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday BOOT CAMP

I'm late in the game. For some reason, I was seeing that crazy little etsy monster mascot and not linking 2&2 together with the quick skim of my etsy success newsletter/e-mail. Well, I'm into the game now and here we go with my pledge.
Why won't blogspot, let you copy paste? It's such a pain in the butt. Hey! Blogspot..blogger fix this will you???!!!??? Here's my alternative...I've got nothing, maybe I can ask my little computer nerd friend, later tonight so I don't have to type it all out.... I do pleadge though! Go pleadge too!
Etsy Boot Camp sign up