Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's the hold up???

I know it's all me, I'm just feeling a bit blah lately and spent all day getting over a cold. It seems like whenever I decide to do a bit a homeschooling with my son it just sucks up the entire day. Then I'm off napping or sitting here chatting on etsy. I'm making a serious effort to suck it up and spin out some great items from my shop. I have a whole white board set up with what I want to accomplish and have yet to do. On the brighter side, I finally handed in my application pick up earning a college ( I don't know how I will be able to use etsy for my full time income and balance college and being a single parent) . My major is still - majorily up in the air (no pun intended). I have a 3 -4 week wait to know whether or not I'll be accepted. *deep breath*. I hope I can get everything together and in an easy schedule for myself and my family. Send me good vibes, I wishes them for everyone out there. Enjoy your night blog land.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Tooth Confections

Anyone who knows me knows I have a major sweet tooth. Today (and yesterday) I got my sweet fix from the very (not so popular) 'Good n' Plenty candy. I bought a mega box! I love licorice like no nothing else. It lets me reminisce about the times my father would make us sing the whole song before he gave us our tasty white and pink confections. I found the old commerical for all the 'Good n Plenty' lovers out there.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rolled hem learning curve -un accomplished

I churned out those cantankerous flannel unpaper towels, in short - I hate them. But aren't they pretty pictured. I still haven't mastered the rolled hem learning curve. I only managed to get one end evenly flat, the rest are a bumpy, stitch skipping mess. Maybe a larger rolled hem would work better? I have also found that while the concept of unpaper towels are great, I think that the fabrics they are made with should stick to birdseye and terrry towelling. Flannel pills way too much, it isn't a surface you would want to put a crumby snack onto -case in point, I ate crackers on mine and in an attempt to lick the crumbs off I got flannel lint in my mouth. Which, acutally leads to a very unbalanced benefical aspect of flannel unpaper towels - they hold crumbs. Holding tight to the crumbs is great when you have an itchy child like my 3 yr old, he's always getting up and making a mess. The down side is when I tried to shake, rub and shimmy cake crumbs off our flannel unpaper towels they hardly budged. I'm thinking my inability to clean these throughly before dropping them in the hamper could easly lead to unwanted six leg visitors. My guess is as good as your as to what I should actually use these for now. They are all new (except the three we used) and made with new material. My mother thinks they would make excellent night training absorbant pads, I'm not too sure on that. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New blog gadget

I'm always on the look out for ways to improve my blog, because let's face it, mine is not even close to pretty. Today I popped by 'the heart of mary' blog and not only found mouth watering cakes, but this cool routating widget by Rotanck. You can see mine rotate on the right hand side of my blog. I know my pictures are blah, I will soon be replacing them, until then everyone hop on over and get your own.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Etsy Treasury

I made me first treasury and I couldn't be happier with it. Someone commented that there was too much blue at the bottom, but I want it that way....Some of the items sold too! Congrats to the shop owners. Here is the lovely link to Sweet and Savory. I wish I knew how to post the pictures here, if anyone knows how please let me know. Indulge visual your sweet tooth with some of the 0 calorie stand ins.

Me & My Hem Foot

Don't you love when you discover you had something cool and workable all along? I found my rolled hem foot for making un-paper towels. For joy! One of those must haves that you never knew you needed, indeed. However, the rolled hem foot and I aren't getting along too well. It's this teeny tiny little opening that's driving me nuts. I tried to abandon the sucker and use a zigzag stitch but I'm just too obsessive for that. So off I go to find a tutorial on how to start the edges (because let's face it mine look like crap). And what do I find? For the mine part I've been doing it right all along, just a bit lazily and rolled hem foot sewing has a learning curve. WT??? A learning curve, how long has it been since I've run into one of those? So, instead of sewing for my shop, my one day of family sewing time has creeped along to 3 days and more if need be. I'm not giving up until I've master this 'learning curve'. I did get some great tips from The Sewing Divas on sewing my corners better. Well, enough yapping for me, off I go to start my day.
As salaamu alaykum and See yer!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Adventures of Paul & Natalie..: KAMsnaps $15 Gift Certificate Giveaway (Open to US...

I am def signing up for the most recent Paul and Natalie give away. $15 worth of Kam snaps, who wouldn't love that prize?!? Well maybe not you NeverTooOld, lol - but the rest of us might. I am in so much need of snaps, especially basic black and white colors, but I'm not greedy so here's the link to join in the fun. Sending good vibes to all entrants and a bit of extra prayer that I win myself. Have a great day everyone and Best wishes!

The Adventures of Paul & Natalie..: KAMsnaps $15 Gift Certificate Giveaway (Open to US...: " I have been lucky to be able to do a review and giveaway for KAMsnaps in the past! I am happy to bring to you a $15 KAMsnaps Gift..."