Monday, August 9, 2010

Chat & TRADE etsy style

I just finished up the last of my chat & trade customs via etsy forums. It was a blast...I think I have 3 unfinished/unanswered convos lurking around in my convos folder. I apologize to those who I missed, I'm searching page by page for you! I'm just placing photos of the items that I sent out! Over $40 in shipping trades - wow weee! And much more in cash products quivalents. Tomorrows blog will be on what goodies I got from my swap partners. I'm still waiting on 2 more deliveries and then on to my shout outs. I hope everyone loves their items. Check out my shop off to the right to see what other goodies I have in my store and run on over to my facebook account as well, listed under the same name (ummathreads). I'd give you a link, but I'm not that savvy!


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