Monday, November 1, 2010 reroute

Hi all. Giving an important announcement. is still opened, but I have switched to my etsy shop name only. Please continue to visit me at .All custom orders and premade items can still be purchased there.
I am sorry for the inconvience of those who have been given my card or recieved my labels/tags on their items. A link to my shop can be found on the right ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
Just click one of the pictures. On another note, if anyone out there would like to trade for design website setup or even blog design setup, please contact me. I'm willng to trade any of my items to obtain something to my liking. TIA

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NeverTooOld said...

Sorry :o( i've not visited in sooo long, but not that i've a new puter set up will be by often. Hava super weekend and here's some Big (((Huggs))), hehe :o)

All The Best!