Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Caving

I've been pro Delayed/No Vac for nearly six (6) yrs. In a few weeks oldest will finally complete all his immunizations and my youngest will start his round. I've made the decision to switch or consider switching over to getting vaccines, only due to the amount of close contact he will begin having with other despite my home schooling and semi strict healthy eating. The school that I may send him to next yr insist that all children be up to date on their shots. I'm a bit nervous in explaining that I haven't kept him up to date on shots. I hate that the health community makes us as parents/people feel like trash for not going along with the flow. I just returned from my own doctors visit and was asked no less than 3x's by 3 diff people was I going to get a flu shot. I said 'no' and gave no explanation. I heardly think I will die from the flu and I am am not entirely sure that a flu shot will stop myself or my children from getting the flu. Delay/No Vacc is my choice and one I would most likely repeat, if I had another child. I don't see the point in offering an option if when we are given the option as parents, choose not to participate and then we are made to asthough we are less than caring because we choose to go against them. In truth I've felt good not pumping my son full of shots at every wellness visit it's tramatizing for children ( I have my oldesst son to prove that). And, only the MMR has had limited research in it's effect on children. He hasn't caught anything contagious besides a couple colds and pink eye (which cleared right up with some collidal silver) in the nearly 4 yrs he's been born. I'm hoping he is given a clean bill of health, since his brother has a clean bill of health as well as myself. If he gets sick, I know the blame will set in from myself and others around me (especially in the medical field), but for now we are living healthy, eating as much natural & organic foods as we can and carry on as a happy and healthy family. I wish I could here more Delay/No vacc parents speak out and know that my family and I aren't alone.

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