Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 1 Etsy boot camp

Welp, I'm still playing catchup two days late and 2 weeks behind. Let's get a running start and re -cover week 1.

Where do I want my business to be in the future (or atleast what are my goals until the new year)? Until I read momgul, I had the typically hoo hum answer (not that it's a bad answer at all) 'I just want to make enough money to stay home with my kids and pay the bills'. I never honestly put much thought into all the work and money I needed to make or how famous and out there I would have to be to cover my bills or atleast supplement them. My goal had been $500, When my items are selling for $24 each the goal seems so near, however most of that is split up into materials, time, shipping, advertisements, packaging and gas for post office trips and lets not forget etsy and paypal fees as well. Since looking at the big picture made me break out in anixety hives, I've decided to break all those months and many bills into a Mission statement each month or two. It seems more reasonable and much less over whelming.
* Complete 1 project every other day.
*This month my mission is to give 5% to L.I.F.E a program based in WNY to help children in worn torn countries.
* Most important of all is to list 20 items this month, sale atleast $50 worth of items (about 2 sales - I'm not aiming too high am I?) And, promote more by visiting etsy forum.

I visited and craftcult. I'm a bit dissappointed with my shop views. If any wonderful fellow etsy sellers have suggestions on how I can get more view please do tell. I would appreciate it.
Check 1 for me for Boot camp week 1.

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