Friday, October 1, 2010

It all came together

I've been trying to squeeze in everything that I needed to for the last few day and it finally all came

Homeschooling was fun! As you can see,
we are in disperate need of a printer! I didn't realize how crooked my lines were until I seen this picture. We also had great fun playing this youtube video of "Marvelous Martha" for the letter 'M' over and and over again

Delicous snacks await us.
No kidding this has been my staple as a snack for the last few days.
Wheat Thins are delcious with colby and chedder cheese.
A full glass of water and a pomegrante yogurt are all I need.

One to some cutesy sewing!
This water proof organic bamboo changing mat gave me fits!
I new that there would be some shifting, but oh GOD the horror.

Being that it was sent off as a gift for the newest baby girl in
our community. I feel slightly bad the edges came out a bit wobbly.

I tried my best and that's all that matters.
Next time I'm going to save myself the headache
and bind the edges instead of turning and topstitching.
How in the world do you talented etsy women/men keep
all those slippery corners straight???

I finished off my day by attending open house for my son and nieces. Because children weren't allowed my mother had to stay home with them, that means I was stretched between 3 very different schedules. I caught quite a few of their teachers, but I totally missed all of their art, gym and music teachers. All reports were pretty good and I am told my little person is taking off superbly in school. I wish he was more of the obedient helpful child at home as he is in school. But, nothing in life is perfect, so I keep him, love him and charish him -flaws and all. That was my day! What did everyone else accomplish?

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