Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SYG update -cake is served!

So, here's my SYG update. The selling part went, oookay. I asked that I could sell everything with the best of good. I ended up selling 2 items, which turned out awesome after all, because it made up what I paid for my table and dinner. No money lost. BTW Ladies, those dinners were great!
1st Prize winner was this 2 tier wedding cake.

Isn't it beautiful, the flowers are edible! Moving on, the girls poetry and singing was muntaz (good). They all had very beautiful voices -even though I have no idea what they were saying, lol. It's sad that I don't speak arabic by now, maasha'Allaah.

The cakes! On to the other cakes, who ever made this cake with the pink floweres - it was beautiful as well as absolutely tasty. I wish I brought home seconds or had enough money that when they raffled them off I could have bought it. I guess it's a good thing I didn't do either or I'd be 4lbs heavier with a major sugar headache.
I'm getting sugar cravings just looking at it again,lol. Others will be posted in seperately.

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