Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me & My Hem Foot

Don't you love when you discover you had something cool and workable all along? I found my rolled hem foot for making un-paper towels. For joy! One of those must haves that you never knew you needed, indeed. However, the rolled hem foot and I aren't getting along too well. It's this teeny tiny little opening that's driving me nuts. I tried to abandon the sucker and use a zigzag stitch but I'm just too obsessive for that. So off I go to find a tutorial on how to start the edges (because let's face it mine look like crap). And what do I find? For the mine part I've been doing it right all along, just a bit lazily and rolled hem foot sewing has a learning curve. WT??? A learning curve, how long has it been since I've run into one of those? So, instead of sewing for my shop, my one day of family sewing time has creeped along to 3 days and more if need be. I'm not giving up until I've master this 'learning curve'. I did get some great tips from The Sewing Divas on sewing my corners better. Well, enough yapping for me, off I go to start my day.
As salaamu alaykum and See yer!

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